15 Fat Burning Foods to Stock Up On!

Fat Burning Foods


Some of my favorites in this article from Women’s Health Magazine are as follows:



Peanut Butter

Fatty Fish

Spicy Peppers



visit Women’s Health Magazine for full article.


Yoga Flow: Poses that Burn Fat

Yoga Poses that Burn Fat
Women’s Health Magazine

I came across this article in Women’s Health Magazine that gave specific yoga poses that will sculpt your body and burn fat.  Well, I don’t know about you, but that is exactly what I want to know.  I love yoga and how it calms you and centers you, but I also don’t love aggressive workouts.  So if I can burn fat with a few yoga poses combined with fat burning foods, I’m going to try that first.  Here’s my synopsis….

In the article owner of Strala Yoga in NYC, Tara Stiles recommends:

  • Hold each for 10 breaths, one set on each side (always right side first).
  • Hold for one breath, six sets on each side.
  • Repeat step 1 for 3 sets.
  • Do four times a week.

#1 Down Dog Split:

Downward dog with one let fully extended creating a perfect line from your arms to your toe of the extended leg

#2 Half Crowlift

Looks like you are at a track meet and are ready to start, but the bent leg is raised to your chest

#3 Knee to Forehead

Same as #2 but this time the head is down toward your chest and your knee is touching your chin

#4 Warrior III

Basically a traditional flat back pose with your arms full extended out, palms facing in and one leg fully extended creating a straight line from fingers to toes of extended leg

Click here for the article.