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I have designed jewelry for the past 7 years or so, and I stopped a few years back…and thankfully I am launching a new website that I am SOOOOO excited about!  I need your help, please respond with your vote logo #1, logo #2, or logo #3 (pictured above).

I can’t decide which color, and I would appreciate you taking the time to help me out.



Maps Maps and more…MAPS!

DIY Pallet Map

Where are you?  Half the time I never know where I’m going and that’s why I love maps.  This is such a great crafty idea from It’s Just Laine blog of creative ideas.  This is quite the involved project, but if you have a large wall and don’t know what to put there, this is an amazing idea to invest a weekend to make it just perfect!


Click here to see how to create the map for your house!

Lesson Learned: Don’t go by price!

Almay Intense Eyecolor Mascara

I always splurge on mascara and shampoo.  For some reason I decided to try this mascara, maybe it was the Kate Hudson ad that convinced me.  Either way, I’m so not spending $22 on the expensive brands of mascara anymore!  This doesn’t clump, extends lashes and curls (even without the eyelash curler)!  They have a different shade for each eye color (blue, green, brown and hazel).

I picked mine up at CVS for under $7.  This image is from Drugstore.com and they have it available for under $8.

Wallpaper is Back…but Paintable

House Beautiful weitznerlimited.com

Wallpaper slowly has been coming back.  It started with accent wall ideas and now I recently came across this article in the March 2013 House Beautiful.  I think this concept is an interesting modern spin on the traditional idea of wallpaper.  It creates texture and warmth, but it also has the option to change the room just as you can with paint!

Check out www.weitznerlimited.com to see other paintable wallpaper patterns.

Turn Your Lights On from Anywhere

WeMo Switch by Belkin Photo from Engaget.com

This is awesome!  Turn your lights, TV, or any other device right from your phone via wifi!  This is the modern version of the light timer we all used when we went on vacation.  Perfect if you have a pet at  home or you want the outside light on before it gets dark.

Click here to purchase yours.