15 Fat Burning Foods to Stock Up On!

Fat Burning Foods


Some of my favorites in this article from Women’s Health Magazine are as follows:



Peanut Butter

Fatty Fish

Spicy Peppers



visit Women’s Health Magazine for full article.



Ocean Salt Scrub by Lush

I have been to the Harvard Square store where you can test out the products and the shopping experience is like no other!  Everyone is helpful and the products are all freshly made.

This is my favorite product of theirs so far!  Visit their website to see their entire collection.


Kitchen Composting

Think about the coffee cup every morning, the plastic bag from the pharmacy or grocery store, the paper towels you used to dry your hands   (and you grabbed 2 because thats how the dispenser works…) and the examples in everyday life go on and on.  I think it does take a little extra effort, but we all spend that time one way or another.  If I am feeling selfish, the I’ll take that time to sleep-in.  If you are rushing you forget your reusable bag or coffee mug, go back and get it!!!!

Along that same vein, we throw away so much trash everyday, composting all year long is not a bad idea.  I came across this article that suggested a sealable small container for composting in your kitchen.  The composting container in the image,  is a bit pricey at 49.95.  BUT it is lined with a charcoal filter on the lid to prevent odor.

Read the full article at www.thekitchn.com

Fitbit One: The Advanced Pedometer

Fitbit One: Syncs with IPhone

Want to know how many steps your taking without the old school beeper look?  Fitbit One is a product that tracks the amount stairs you climb, steps you take, calories burned, hours of sleep, quality of sleep and it syncs with your IPhone!  Buy yours at Brookstone, Amazon and of course Fitbit’s official website for just shy of $100.00 (Target, REI and Sears also sell it!).  One of the new features on this model is the silent alarm that vibrates to wake you up, making it easy for your loved one to stay asleep!

I will be picking up my own asap!

Better Sleep

5 Things To Do = Better Sleep
Fitness Magazine

  1. Hit the Sheets= Just get into bed even if you have things to do, it can wait.
  2. Do the z Math = Listen to your body when you are on vacation, and discover how much sleep you body tells you you need after about 3 days of vacation.
  3. Zap Rest Robbers = If it’s pain related see your doctor.  No need to suffer with pain and avoid rest because of it.
  4. Don’t Skimp on Sleep for Exercise = Exercise is important, but if you are cutting into valued sleeping time…choose sleep.
  5. Think Like a Kid = Go to bed within 30 minutes of the same time each night.

For complete article visit Fitness Magazine’s website.

A few other tips in the article that I really liked a lot…

  • Take a hot shower right before bed.  Invest in a calming body wash with a scent you really love. (Recently I picked up, Aveeno Hydrating Fig + Shea Butter Body Wash)
  • Wear socks to bed! Swedish study that suggests that the blood vessels in your feet naturally dilate which allows your body to begin to relax.  The warmth of the socks apparently activates the relaxation process.
  • Read in bed or listen to relaxing music.
  • Room temperature set at 68 degrees.

After a week so of these steps, I will see if I do in-fact have a more restful sleep!

8 Minutes Before Bed

8 Minute Yoga for Better Sleep
Fitness Magazine

Sleep is so important and when I came across this article, I thought I have to share this!  So many of us have a difficult time sleeping or staying asleep, and Fitness Magazine had a great article with the steps (listed below) to a better night sleep. Give it a try, it can’t hurt.

Click on the name if each for the exact description of the step from Fitness Magazine.  

Upside down relaxation (0-2 min.)

Put your butt to the wall or headboard with your legs against the wall.

Winding down twist (2-3 min.)

Sit with legs crossed twist body to right with left hand on knee, repeat on left side.

Goddess stretch (3-5 min.)

Lie flat, put soles of feet together with knees bent and flat to the ground.

Child’s pose (5-7 min.)

Traditional kneeling position, sit on feet, nose to floor and stretch arms out as far as you can.

Rock-a-by roll (7-8 min.)

Sit with legs into chest, ankles crossed, roll onto back, in hale as you roll your see up and exhale as you roll onto your back.

Imagine…Amazing Skin!

Image Vital C Skin Care

There are products you put on a wish list and then their are products that are a MUST!  Skin care is on the must list.

I went for a facial consultation and I needed a new skin care regime and my skin was not cooperating with the drug store brand I was using at the time.  After just a few days, I knew spending the money was worth it!

Visit their website for all their product info.  Check out what other people had to say about their products here!