Biena: Roasted Chicpea Snacks

Biena: Healthy Chickpea Snacks


Poorvi Patodia is the founder of Biena Foods.  The roasted chickpea snacks come in 5 different flavors.  It took around 500 batches of testing different variations of recipes until it was just right!  I haven’t tried them myself.  I just ordered the sampler pack, and I can’t wait to see how good they are!  I saw a clip of an interview that said she got her start at a Hingham, MA Whole Foods.  I’m always up for supporting local business owners.

Visit for more information.


Crunch Burger by Chef Bobby Flay

The Crunch Burger by Bobby Flay

I like recipes generally with a lot of vegetables but I saw this on Jimmy Kimmel and it does look delicious!  He added water to the pan and covered it to melt the cheese.  Nice little trick.  He also trademarked the term the “crunch burger”.

Enjoy on a day that you want a yummy greasy burger that includes potato chips!  For the recipe click on the image above.

Appetizers: Healthy Dip

5 Layer Greek Dip

This recipe looks so easy and delicious!  It’s a perfect alternative to the tradition 5 lyre mexican dip (that’s not so healthy)!

What you need:

  1. cucumbers
  2. feta cheese
  3. red bell pepper
  4. onions
  5. kalamata olives
  6. hummus (or make your own, it’s included with the full recipe)

The full recipe is available at The Lovely Cupboard’s website.