Turn Your Lights On from Anywhere

WeMo Switch by Belkin Photo from Engaget.com

This is awesome!  Turn your lights, TV, or any other device right from your phone via wifi!  This is the modern version of the light timer we all used when we went on vacation.  Perfect if you have a pet at  home or you want the outside light on before it gets dark.

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Lighten Up!

Fluorescent vs. Incandescent

Brazil and Venezuela began to faze-out incandescent light bulbs in 2005, followed by Switzerland and Australia in 2009.  Argentina, Russia and Canada soon followed suite in 2012.  I’m a little surprised that the US will be lagging with a faze-out by 2014.

FYI: Not all incandescent bulbs will be illegal in the US by 2014, apparently the 100 watt incandescent light bulbs have already been fazed-out of the US market as of the end of last year (2012) and the 60 and 75 watt incandescent light bulbs will be fazed-out by 2014.


  • Can be disposed of in your household trash
  • Dimmable
  • High energy use
  • Produces large amount of heat



  • Low energy use
  • Long life
  • Contains hazardous materials
  • Non-dimmable
  • Requires warm up time
  • Can’t be disposed of in household trash


The LED light bulbs are more expensive, but have a much longer life span.  The one main complaint of the fluorescent light bulbs is that they take a while to produce a substantial amount of light.  That is why the LED light is a better option, however there is a price tag that goes along with that.

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