Block Island

Block Island, RI
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A Great Place for a Weekend Trip this Summer…

  • 13 miles south of Rhode Island
  • 14 miles east of Montauk located on Long Island.
  • This popular vacation spot has a history dating back to 1614.  Click here for information from World Atlas.
  • 40% of the island is Conservation Land.

Greenway Walking Trail: 3 miles wide and 7 miles long.  17 miles of beach and 30 miles of trails.

Southeast Light House: built in 1875, deactivated in 1990, and relighted in 1994.

Mohegun Bluffs: 150ft drop to sandy beach with crashing waves.  Known for amazing views.  Located near Southeast Light House.

Above are a few attractions that I would have on my to visit check list, but to take a look at the day trip recommendations click here. Travel: Just under $23 for roundtrip ferry from Newport, RI. For all ferry locations, schedules and rates visit their website at Block Island Ferry.


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