Shoe To Get List

Dainty Chucks


Circus by Sam Edelman Photo from

I need some new shoes for the much needed warmer weather!  These are comfort shoes, nothing fancy.  Dainty style by Converse, a new pair of my red Toms that I wore out and a Sam Edelman design that will go with everything!  Painted toes in the hopes this weekend allows for some sandal weather (definitely pushing it, but it’s aways better to be prepared)…


Hey! I Need YOUR Feedback!!!

logo option #1logo option #2

logo option #3

I have designed jewelry for the past 7 years or so, and I stopped a few years back…and thankfully I am launching a new website that I am SOOOOO excited about!  I need your help, please respond with your vote logo #1, logo #2, or logo #3 (pictured above).

I can’t decide which color, and I would appreciate you taking the time to help me out.


Maps Maps and more…MAPS!

DIY Pallet Map

Where are you?  Half the time I never know where I’m going and that’s why I love maps.  This is such a great crafty idea from It’s Just Laine blog of creative ideas.  This is quite the involved project, but if you have a large wall and don’t know what to put there, this is an amazing idea to invest a weekend to make it just perfect!


Click here to see how to create the map for your house!

Lesson Learned: Don’t go by price!

Almay Intense Eyecolor Mascara

I always splurge on mascara and shampoo.  For some reason I decided to try this mascara, maybe it was the Kate Hudson ad that convinced me.  Either way, I’m so not spending $22 on the expensive brands of mascara anymore!  This doesn’t clump, extends lashes and curls (even without the eyelash curler)!  They have a different shade for each eye color (blue, green, brown and hazel).

I picked mine up at CVS for under $7.  This image is from and they have it available for under $8.