Kitchen Composting

Think about the coffee cup every morning, the plastic bag from the pharmacy or grocery store, the paper towels you used to dry your hands   (and you grabbed 2 because thats how the dispenser works…) and the examples in everyday life go on and on.  I think it does take a little extra effort, but we all spend that time one way or another.  If I am feeling selfish, the I’ll take that time to sleep-in.  If you are rushing you forget your reusable bag or coffee mug, go back and get it!!!!

Along that same vein, we throw away so much trash everyday, composting all year long is not a bad idea.  I came across this article that suggested a sealable small container for composting in your kitchen.  The composting container in the image,  is a bit pricey at 49.95.  BUT it is lined with a charcoal filter on the lid to prevent odor.

Read the full article at


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