Better Sleep

5 Things To Do = Better Sleep
Fitness Magazine

  1. Hit the Sheets= Just get into bed even if you have things to do, it can wait.
  2. Do the z Math = Listen to your body when you are on vacation, and discover how much sleep you body tells you you need after about 3 days of vacation.
  3. Zap Rest Robbers = If it’s pain related see your doctor.  No need to suffer with pain and avoid rest because of it.
  4. Don’t Skimp on Sleep for Exercise = Exercise is important, but if you are cutting into valued sleeping time…choose sleep.
  5. Think Like a Kid = Go to bed within 30 minutes of the same time each night.

For complete article visit Fitness Magazine’s website.

A few other tips in the article that I really liked a lot…

  • Take a hot shower right before bed.  Invest in a calming body wash with a scent you really love. (Recently I picked up, Aveeno Hydrating Fig + Shea Butter Body Wash)
  • Wear socks to bed! Swedish study that suggests that the blood vessels in your feet naturally dilate which allows your body to begin to relax.  The warmth of the socks apparently activates the relaxation process.
  • Read in bed or listen to relaxing music.
  • Room temperature set at 68 degrees.

After a week so of these steps, I will see if I do in-fact have a more restful sleep!


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