Detox: My Version

To Detox or Not Shape Magazine

I came across this great article on Shape’s website that highlights the extremes of detoxing that can be harmful, and then in contrast the healthy ways to detox.

My 1 Week Detox Plan

No carbs. No coffee. No sugar. No juice. No alcohol. (no fun!!!!)


  • Yogurt with fresh blueberries
  • Egg whites with spinach and feta
  • Green Tea

AM/PM Snacks

  • Pistachio nuts (portion of 12)
  • kind bar
  • wasabi peas
  • apple

Lunch: Salads

  1. Red onion/ fresh basil/tomato/ cucumber, hummus
  2. Kale / red and green cabbage / avocado with ovo and vinegar
  3. Brussel sprout / cabbage with ovo and Dijon mustard
  4. chick peas / cucumber / tomato / avocado

Dinner: Soups

  1. Ginger / Carrot
  2. Cauliflower
  3. Lentil
  4. Broccoli
  5. Tomato / Basil

I will post the recipes starting tomorrow through next Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Detox: My Version

  1. wow you are cutting so much out! Good luck but be careful all your sugar intake out all in one go. My friend did a no sugar detox and she went cold turkey and it was bad for the first couple of days (over all it was good!)

    • I know! I found myself very hungry after day 2. I’m making some substantial soups (that I will post this week), but if I feel I need a little sugar I have agave I can put in my tea. Thanks for your comment!

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