On the Go: Morning Must Haves

Nivea Compact

Perfect packaging, affordable, and you can fit it in the tiniest of purses!  $.99 (I get mine at CVS)

Stila Multi-Effect Mascara

Wake-up late, need to look ready for your morning meeting?  This mascara is amazing!  Curls, thickens, elongates etc.  I think some beauty products you can skimp on, but not mascara. $20 (I get mine at Sephora)

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

I swear by this lip balm!!!  It’s the only brand that keeps my lips moisturized. $2.99 (I get mine at CVS)

L’Occitane Lotion

These are scented (if you forgot your perfume) it’s a nice alternative to the unscented Nivea creme.  Just a little dime size is all you need to keep you hands from getting dried out this winter season. $10 (I get mine at my local L’Occitane store)


Forgot to take those 10 minutes in the morning or you are heading out after work?  Just do a few circles on you cheeks with this blush by Maybelline!  No brush needed, because of the design you can just apply right from compact. Just brilliant! $7.99 (I picked my first one up at CVS)

Sugar Rose

Fresh Lip Gloss

This came from the recommendation of an associate at the Fresh store, and I love it!  Apply the Sugar lip balm (one of the bright colored ones is good), then apply one of their lip glosses for a shiny finish.  This is what I use for everyday gloss. $22.50 sugar lip balm, $18 lip gloss (I got mine at my local Fresh store)

Rimmel Nail Polish

Don’t have time for a manicure? One coat of this and you are good to go! $3.99 (I get mine at CVS)


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