West Elm January Favorites

French Bread Tray

This is brilliant!  It’s usually the last thing I’m rushing to do before everything is ready, so this is more convenient than a necessity.  $29

Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Replacing the scratched paper notes, that I personally would save and look at years later!  But this is an eco-friendly dry erase board perfect for right in the kitchen (or wherever your family spends the last minutes before running out the door). $24

Throw Blanket

These are light enough for year-round, and the colors are awesome!  $29

Organic Duvet

I love this print, especially for an all white room!  100% organic cotton.  200 thread count.  The duvet has ties in the corners to avoid that annoyance of the comforter getting shifted to one end.  $24-$109

Pipe and Wood Side Table

Mango wood top and raw steel piping.  This table looks like it is a found object, but at a reasonable price.  $179


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