Sunday Recipe: BLTA Sandwich


Sunday’s the day you think, “oh the weekends over and I better make the most of today”…right?  Well, that’s usually what I’m thinking on Sunday when I wake up!

It’s really all about the meal, let’s be honest.  Everything should be shut down on Sunday, so everyone can partake in this philosophy of completely enjoying themselves.  I’m a little old school, I’m aware.

Anyways, good food + football = a pretty good way to end the weekend!

Ingredients is obvious so I’m skipping that step.  If you are a perfectionist click here for the exact directions/ingredients.

What You Need to Do

  1. Make the bacon
  2. Slice Tomatoes
  3. Mix mayo with a little spicy mustard (taste as you mix so you get the right combo for you, i.e. more spicy etc)
  4. Slice Avocados
  5. Chop up lettuce (arugula for those who more sophisticated, iceberg for classic BLT style)
  6. Now layer the bacon + tomatoes + avocado + lettuce on the bread (whatever kind suits your fancy or you have in the fridge!)
  7. Smear mayo/mustard mixture on the top of slice before finishing the sandwich
  8. Heat up skillet with a little butter + add butter to each side of the sandwich
  9. Grill sandwich on each side until golden brown and a little crispy
  10. Enjoy!!!!

Patriots play Texans @ 4:30. Go Pats!!!!!

If you want more of a snack, check out the BLTA Bites recipe below (click on the image for the recipe).

BLTA Bites


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