January’s Book: In the Woods

Irish based crime author, Tana French
Cover Designed by Jennifer Wang

One book a month this year!

Dublin Murder Squad, #1: In the Woods

Author: Tana French

During the summer of 1984 in a small suburb of Dublin, three children were playing in the woods, but only one child ever returned home.  Adam Robert Ryan was found by police in the woods clenched to a tree in terror.  Fast forward to twenty years later, Ryan is a detective and he has been assigned to a murder case of a 12-year-old girl, Katharine Devlin that takes place in very same woods of Knocknaree.  As he investigates the murder of Katy, he finds himself thinking back to twenty years ago.

First: Cassie and Ryan?

I don’t really understand Ryan’s relationship with his partner Cassie.  She is the only one in the squad who knows about his involvement with the unsolved crime that took place in the woods of Knocknaree in 1984.  I wonder if Cassie and Ryan will end up together, it seems like French is setting up a scenario that Cassie helps him solve the 1984 crime, helping him have the closure to this painful part of his life he’s been running away from.

Second: Who killed Katy?

There are clues that elude to Katy’s parents as possible murder suspects.  Rosalind (Katy’s sister) ran away from home before because of her father according to Valerie (her sister).  Maybe it has to do with her father’s involvement with his well known protest against the government building a motorway in Knocknaree. (I guess the that the government announced their plans to put a road through these woods that apparently had evidence of archeological remains that the people behind the protest wanted to preserve).

Third: Connection to 1984 crime?

Maybe there is no connection to the crime in 1984 after all.  Maybe this just makes Ryan want to dig into those files from 1984 to find the answers to those questions.


I’m not an avid reader, but I think it’s obvious at this point mysteries are the only books I can really get into…


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