Getting Centered and Looking Sexy

Yoga with Mandy Ingber (Jennifer Aniston’s Yogi)

I was a dancer for 15 years when I was younger and I never seemed to get into the gym mindset.  I tried the Balance Bar which was a $250 free standing collapsible ballet bar that was designed by MIT engineers.  That didn’t really work for me either.

Yogalosophy is a DVD that I absolutely LOVE!  It’s the only thing that I have enjoyed doing and that gets me centered. The results are great, I feel sexy with just enough definition.  Mandy is Yogalosophy… she has a good attitude and the setting for most of the DVD is where I would like to be (right on the ocean with blue skies).  She is Jennifer Aniston’s (among various other celebs with amazing bodies) trainer.  I picked mine DVD up at Best Buy for under $15.  It’s a great way to unwind after work and I also really enjoy starting my morning on the weekends with the 45 minute routine.  I have some back issues so the 20  minute stretch video on the DVD is really good to elongate the muscles and open up you r shoulders and get centered.

Click here to check out Mandy Ingber’s website


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