Kitchen Composting

Think about the coffee cup every morning, the plastic bag from the pharmacy or grocery store, the paper towels you used to dry your hands   (and you grabbed 2 because thats how the dispenser works…) and the examples in everyday life go on and on.  I think it does take a little extra effort, but we all spend that time one way or another.  If I am feeling selfish, the I’ll take that time to sleep-in.  If you are rushing you forget your reusable bag or coffee mug, go back and get it!!!!

Along that same vein, we throw away so much trash everyday, composting all year long is not a bad idea.  I came across this article that suggested a sealable small container for composting in your kitchen.  The composting container in the image,  is a bit pricey at 49.95.  BUT it is lined with a charcoal filter on the lid to prevent odor.

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See’s Candies

See’s Candies

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and these chocolates are soooo good!  I highly recommend treating someone you love or better yet treating yourself!

Visit to order online or find a local retailer that carries See’s.  Enjoy!

Fitbit One: The Advanced Pedometer

Fitbit One: Syncs with IPhone

Want to know how many steps your taking without the old school beeper look?  Fitbit One is a product that tracks the amount stairs you climb, steps you take, calories burned, hours of sleep, quality of sleep and it syncs with your IPhone!  Buy yours at Brookstone, Amazon and of course Fitbit’s official website for just shy of $100.00 (Target, REI and Sears also sell it!).  One of the new features on this model is the silent alarm that vibrates to wake you up, making it easy for your loved one to stay asleep!

I will be picking up my own asap!

Waiter in Houston Making National News

Milo Castillo
Houston, TX

This is a great story that proves that we can impact our communities  everyday and potentially make a HUGE difference.  A waiter in Houston, Texas refused to serve a family who said that a boy with down syndrome should be special somewhere else.  They did not want to be seated near the 5 year-old boy  with down syndrome and his mother.  Now the waiters actions have made national news with an overwhelming support for a job well done!

Click here to check out the article and an interview with the waiter and the the mother of the 5 year-old boy.

Tablet Device designed for Disabled Children

Access4Kids Device

Access4Kds is a device that is engineered for disabled children who have a difficult time with movements, such as touch.  Utilizing the touch screen has been nearly impossible for those individuals, and this input device has changed that! This device that is wrapped around the forearm measures pressure by movements such as pinches and swipes, and converts them into fine motor gestures.

Take a look at the video and the full article on Engadget’s website.

College Courses for Free!

Free Online Courses for Credit
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Student loans have been overwhelming for those of us who have graduated from college and a mere six months later we hope to be employed when the re-payment cycle kicks-in.  With the past few years of a challenging job market, this is exactly what is going to encourage people to further thehir education..when it’s free!!!!

I’m not sure what type of online courses they are referring to, but any college courses being offered at no cost and for credit is amazing!

Read the article on Engadget’s website!